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Size: single,double, queen,king, supper king or customized size
Price range: white 12.9~18.9$/pcs, dyeing 15.9~37.9$/pcs,
According to the color and embroidery, increase the price by 1~2$, the price fluctuates
Color, size, and weight in the attributes include customization: customized size / customi

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Fabric:40s 100% cotton downproof fabric,breathable,smoothly Filling:microfiber like down feeling,with good elasticity Design:quilted microfiber comforter to keep warm Style:150gsm and 450gsm for summer or winter use

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product name Microfiber Duvet
Stuff microfiber
Outer fabric down proof fabric
Size single,double, queen,king, supper king or customized size
MOQ 100 pcs
Color Customized Colors
Usage Home Hotel
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Product description

1. The duvet has high air permeability, strong ductility, high down content, and has the characteristics of lightness, softness and softness. For a mattress of the same volume, the net weight of the duvet is lighter, about 1/3 of the silk quilt and 1/2 of the wool quilt.
2. The duvet has comfortable air permeability, strong moisture-removal property, does not agglomerate, and has the excellent characteristics of moisture absorption and emission that other cold and warm materials do not have. It is called a "breathing mattress".
3. The duvet is sturdy and durable. Generally, a duvet can be used for decades. In normal application, if you pay attention not to be cut by sharp objects, you don't need to be directly exposed to the sun, and you can maintain the characteristics of down jackets by placing them in a naturally ventilated area to dry.
product details
Good warmth retention :Whether in terms of material or warmth, the microfiber feels extremely soft, and it is soft and slender like natural down, with excellent feel and warmth. The quilt made of microfiber is comfortable, beautiful, warm, breathable, and has good drape and fullness.

Hotel Microfiber Duvet(1)

Hotel Microfiber Duvet(1)

Hotel Microfiber Duvet(1)

Soft:The microfiber quilt has a good feel, the fibers will not entangle with each other after long-term use, and still maintain excellent bulkiness. The surface distribution is more delicate, giving it a silk-like elegant luster, and good moisture absorption and dissipation.

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