Bed sheet

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Size: single,double, queen,king, supper king or customized size
The price range is white 4.99$~10.99$/pcs, dyed 6.99$~19.99$/pcs,
According to the color and embroidery, increase the price by 1~2$, the price fluctuates
Color, size, and weight in the attributes include customization: customized size /

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5-Star Hotel 100% Cotton Bedsheets Feature: 1)Material:100% cotton,300TC(1cm stripe,3cm stripe) 2)Dimensions:various sizes as customers request 3)Soft,warm and comfortable 4)Specialized design for hotel Hotel Bed Linen Company Information workshop Focus on every detail Sales...

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Grade Quality
Color Customized Colors
Size single,double, queen,king, supper king or customized size
MOQ 300pcs
Packing Buyer`s Requirements
Advantage Professional Service
place of origin jiangsu, China

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High quality cotton
Pakistan cotton is fine and soft, originated from the golden cotton producing area of 45° north latitude, with a global output of 3%. Only the rare cotton with a light duration of more than 12 hours is selected, and the great temperature difference between day and night gives it good color and lustre

Hotel Microfiber Duvet(1)

Hotel Microfiber Duvet(1)

Hotel Microfiber Duvet(1)

Comfortable sleep
120 cotton fabrics, fine and smooth can be used all the year round. The internal high density hollow structure, good air permeability, let you sleep not stuffy, give you a five-star hotel sleep experience


1. Pure cotton quilt cover has good hygroscopicity and dehumidification. Cotton fibers absorb moisture from the air with a moisture content of 8-10%, so they feel soft and comfortable when they come into contact with human skin. And when the humidity of the cotton fiber is too large, the surrounding temperature is high, the water in the cotton fiber will evaporate, so that the cotton fiber to maintain a state of water balance, so that people will also feel comfortable.
2. Pure cotton quilt cover has good warmth preservation. Because the cotton fiber itself has the characteristics of porosity and good elasticity, so there will be a lot of air stored between the cotton fiber, and the air is a bad conductor of heat and electricity, so the cotton quilt has good warmth preservation.
3, pure cotton quilt cover has a certain heat resistance. The experiment proved that under 110℃, will only make the cotton quilt surface moisture evaporation, and will not damage the quilt itself, which fully proves that the cotton quilt has a certain heat resistance.
4, pure cotton quilt cover also has a certain alkali resistance, washable and durable. As we all know, commonly used washing powder is alkaline, pure cotton quilt has a certain anti-alkaline, can ensure that its in alkaline solution, cotton fiber will not be damaged, which is conducive to the washing of stains.
5, cotton fiber is a natural fiber, and skin contact without any irritation and side effects. Long-term use of pure cotton quilt cover is beneficial and harmless to human health, and its sanitary performance is good.

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