Understand the classification of four – piece bedding products

Everyone is familiar with the four-piece set, but do you know how to choose a four-piece set? The 4 that how every kind covers just calculate good 4 covers, should say only size is appropriate, comfortable is good 4 covers, today Xuan Mei home spins how to tell you to choose 4 covers.
The article that the choice concerns with cloth must see cloth material is qualitative, to 4 pieces are covered, woolen cloth 4 pieces are covered, printing and dyeing whole cotton 4 pieces are covered, activated 4 pieces are covered, gong satin 4 pieces are covered, woolen printing 4 pieces are covered, jacquard 4 pieces are covered, yarn-dyed 4 pieces are covered, according to fabric and craft divide into these a few kinds probably.

First, wool fabric:
Wool fabric is recommended that we do not buy, it uses the cloth is very cheap, coupled with the rough dyeing process, although very cheap, but after washing a few times easy to damage, but also discolouring. Printing four-piece set is a comprehensive four-piece set, which is still very common in ordinary families. When choosing, we should pay attention to the player’s feeling good and comfortable, but it will still have a bit of fading and shrinkage problem, so we should choose a bigger one when choosing, or if the shrinkage is serious, it can not be used.
Two, the activity of four sets:
In dyeing and printing process, the live color fragrance gene of the dye is combined with fiber molecules, which can make the four-piece set firmly lock the color, not easy to cross color, and the whole looks very clean. With a very good dustproof effect, this kind of cloth is more suitable for families slightly richer than the general family, or have a special quality of life.

Three, the tribute satin class four sets.
“Satin” four production process is complicated, soft yarn and weft in weaving process cross each other, to form a beautiful texture, there will be a feeling of watermark on the overall, the characteristics of this kind of fabric texture is soft and fine and smooth, the surface looks very neat, and has a certain luster, thicker than ordinary fabric, embroidery more vivid, wonderful, Found to use these four pieces of clothing woven out, there will be a sense of nobility.

Four, grinding printing:
More advanced matte printing, jacquard four-piece set, yarn-dyed four-piece set. Among these products, jacquard and yarn-dyed belong to light luxury, yarn-dyed and printed belong to cotton. Silk jacquard is generally used in a four-piece set of craft, all aspects of good not to say, such a four-piece set is suitable for leaders or friends, if more comfortable or can be used for their own use, ordinary families a little luxurious. For the pursuit of quality of life of young people, yarn-dyed and printing is very appropriate, is the high-end fabric.

Pay attention to the natural wind home textile, take you to understand the home textile 4-piece set more knowledge!

Post time: Jun-30-2021