Sleep well every night, how to choose a good bed product

There are four sets on the bed. The quilt, sheet and pillow are essential items in every family. They are used in spring, summer, autumn and winter and are closely related to our daily life. Home textile products in the market of bedding variety, quality is uneven. Today we will understand, bad bed products, what harm to us?

Cause of asthma
In recent years a large number of studies have confirmed the dust mites and closely related to chronic bronchitis, one of New Zealand on asthma in children in the 13 years of tracking survey confirms the sensitization to dust mites, as a kind of independent risk factors seriously affect the incidence of asthma, over the years in the United States 3 study also have confirmed that the dust mites and cat hair, cockroaches is important cause of chronic bronchitis. There are a lot of places where dust mites breed, and improper cleaning of the quilt is also one of them. People are in direct contact with bed products in sleep, and it is easy to become the attack object of dust mites.
Skin allergy
Skin allergy is an allergic reaction of the body, which is an abnormal reaction of people to normal substances (allergens). When allergens come into contact with allergic people, they will be allergic. There are hundreds of kinds of allergens, some people often sleep after the face will have a little bit of red spots, this is actually a kind of allergic phenomenon, inferior bed products will remain some chemical substances in the production process, and these substances have certain irritation to the skin. Some people’s skin is naturally more sensitive, by this kind of stimulation is likely to be allergic, cause discomfort. With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, people pay more and more attention to health problems. Bedding accompanies about one third of people’s life, but its importance has been ignored. And the solution to these problems, the simplest is to change a bed, some people can not help but ask, a bed is really so magical?

Good bed is tasted, using 100% pure cotton fabrics, not polyester fiber, also is not a suede material, but natural breathable cotton material, it can absorb moisture from humans, and the moisture evaporation, maintain the body comfortable feeling, dry environment, protect our skin from stimulation, not to provide breeding environment for bacteria and viruses, to protect people.
A healthy body, is no matter how much money can not change, a good bed, not only can improve the quality of our sleep, but also can improve our sleep environment, so that we are far from some diseases, is the so-called “gold ten thousand two, not as good as a bed.”

Post time: Nov-04-2021