How to choose home textile bedding set?

The following five aspects affect the price of the bed has: material, quantity and density, weaving method, dyeing technology and decorative technology. Let’s talk about ~ one by one.

Pure cotton. The most widely used materials, Indian cotton, Australian cotton, long-staple cotton, washed cotton and knitted fabrics are actually pure cotton. The differences lie in cotton species (long-staple cotton), origin (Australian cotton), weaving method (knitted cotton, Indian cotton) and further addition

Technology (washed cotton).
Cotton blended yarn is generally blended with cotton and linen because linen is too expensive. It has a refreshing and breathable texture and is suitable for summer use. It belongs to some high-end products of pure cotton.
White silk. It is the UK Acordis company to wood pulp fiber as raw material for the development of a material, silk smooth luster, but at the same time take into account the permeability of cotton, and not as fragile as silk, is a great choice for summer bedding.
Silk. The highest quality material, the most expensive, but too brittle, easy to hook.
Polyester. This part is functional, such as winter cream coral velvet, etc., and some are low-cost imitations or low-end bedding products, such as cotton washed cotton.
Count & density
Simply speaking, it is a certain kind of cotton, spinning into a few yarn is how many, such as 32 is 32, 100 is 100. Therefore, the higher the number of threads woven, the finer the yarn, the thinner and silky the fabric. And density is the yarn density of a square cloth, such as 128*68,200*95, is the number of warp and weft lines, see the sum of two numbers, is the sum of high density and high branch, greater than 180.

Weaving process
After the spinning is finished, the cloth begins to weave, and everyone has heard of the method of weaving cloth.
Satin is a personal favorite, because the weave brings delicate luster, but also with soft touch, very intimate and texture ~.
The visual sensation after printing is also very advanced.

Coloring technology
One, yarn-dyed.
It is the process of dyeing cotton thread before weaving. The pure cotton washed cotton represented by Muji is basically yarn-dyed.

Two, printing.
This refers to the traditional printing method. More representative is continuous repeat, relatively flat pattern, this kind of printing cost is lower, color is more monotonous and simple.

Three, digital printing.
Different from traditional printing, with computer pattern design software, color patterns are more rich, fine strong, more environmentally friendly, gradual change is more soft and delicate.

Four, jacquard.
When weaving fabric, the pattern is formed by the change of warp and weft organization. The pattern is relatively regular, mainly geometric pattern, with order aesthetic feeling.
Decoration technology
This part is more value-added, icing on the cake part, the additional process can make the bed more refined and advanced.

Five, embroidery.
This is the commonest, but must not think in the brain can have in that way flowers, dragon and phoenix, actually embroidery can be very young girl, also can be very literary and artistic.
Especially like a mermaid, embroidery meticulous, delicate luster.
Wide edge strip, wrap, fancy decorative edge.
A 1.8-size bed with a standard 2-metre-wide quilt will feel even more awkward when it is hung down to cover the thickness of the mattress, so many four-piece sets will have an extra wide edge to make the quilt look bigger.

Some bed tastes can be united in wedlock a variety of craft, make finished product more exquisite, of course price can be higher. Birthday or wedding gifts are also great.

Post time: Jan-13-2022