How to Care for Towels

1, according to the label instructions for care.
2. Avoid overheating of water temperature when washing. Wash dark towels and light towels separately. Do not wash towels with clothes that contain zippers, hooks or buttons to avoid damaging the towel coil. Do not wash the towel and clothes together, because the terry fabric will wrap the clothes of the thin and fine fabric inside, and the small cotton lint off the towel will stick to the clothes, affecting the appearance of the clothes.

3. Choose a detergent with mild performance. Avoid pouring detergent directly on the towel, otherwise, residual detergent will discolor the towel. Minimize the use of chlorine bleach.

4. Don’t use softeners too often. Fabric softener containing silicone resin will remain a layer of silicone oil after use, and affect the water absorption of the towel, it is recommended to avoid using.

5. After washing, the towel is fully expanded on the drying pole and dried vertically. It is best to dry and then exposed to the sun for 10 minutes, so that the dry towel is soft and sterilization. It can also be rolled and dried in the dryer, so that the cotton towel is more fluffy and soft, but the time should not be too long.

6. Dry towel and wet towel are used in two ways. Whether it is dry cleaning or wet cleaning, the oil, sweat, inorganic salts and dust in the air on the skin will be wiped on the towel. For a long time, the towel will become hard, reduce its moisture absorption function, and be contaminated with bacteria and mold. Accordingly, the towel after wiping should be washed with soap or scour immediately clean, reoccupy warm water to wash soap liquid air to bask in dry in order to prepare for reuse. Timely care makes it easy to clean, and your towel will stay fluffy, soft and clean for a long time.

Post time: Jun-03-2021