How does bed taste material choice, there are those different on material quality?

The time of 1/3 is used in whole life to go up in sleeping, the morpheus of high quality with dripping wet is better than any maintain article, and bedding is the magic power that makes morpheus quality gets perfect release must be served. And what’s the best way to sleep? Of course it is — sleeping naked. You need comfortable pillow, soft quilt, clean sheet, take off fatigue, can do a dream. Every part of the skin of the naked body is in contact with bedding, so be sure to choose a suitable bedding for naked sleeping. That Natural Wind home textile will take you to see what good bedding materials, can let you fall in love with naked sleep!

1. Coral velvet
In short, it’s a material that looks like coral, and the fibers are light and soft like coral. It is made of polyester superfine fiber, which feels soft and delicate because of its fine filament.
2, pure cotton
Cotton fabrics can be used all year round and will not be discarded at any time of year. Not only brings soft and skin-friendly texture, but also can absorb the sweat from the body faster, dry skin, no irritation.


3. Flannel
A lot of people don’t understand flannel and coral, but they’re two different things. Flannel plush is delicate, plush density is especially close. If bedding surface contains design, so compared to coral velvet, its design will be a few clearer.

5, silk
The skin-friendly nature of silk fabrics is that other fibers can not be compared, soft and smooth texture, soft and light touch. If use real silk 4 sets collocation silk is used, naked when sleeping, it is to sleep not just already, however a kind of enjoyment.


The cool and smooth Modale fabric is comfortable and breathable, and has a good natural skin-friendly property. With the comfort of cotton, the toughness of polyester, the soft touch of silk and the texture of wool fabric, it is a good naked sleeping device.

Post time: Oct-13-2021