Home Textile knowledge: How to choose a blanket

In cold winter, a comfortable blanket becomes a must for many people. Blankets can be divided into pure wool blanket and blended blanket. Today, I will introduce how to choose pure wool blanket:

Since most woollen blankets are made of wool, they can be judged in one of three ways.


1. Handle: The high-quality pure wool blanket is crisp and soft, and full of elasticity, which can be identified as long as you touch it.

2. Suede: pure wool blankets require that the blankets are not hard, the fluff is loose but not messy, and the fluff covering the surface of the blanket is neat and the hair wave is clear. The bottom pile must be fine and dense, so as not to expose the bottom cloth, if the bottom pile up bad, will appear to expose the bottom pile. This kind of blanket affects the appearance quality and reduces the thermal performance.


3. Gloss: Choose a woolen blanket to see if the gloss is natural and soft. Whether colour is beautiful and easy, have without old feeling. The best look at the edge of the blanket, as long as the color coordination, flat, straight, neat, no broken edge or curved edge can be.

Give yourself a cozy winter blanket by choosing a warm blanket!

Post time: Jun-15-2022