Fabric analysis: Modal is used in summer

In sultry summer, many people like to wear comfortable modal material clothes, some people like to sleep modal material bed products, so what is Modal in the end? What are the features, advantages, or drawbacks of this fabric? Violet home textile brand experts, for you one by one analysis. This summer, sleep in Modal bedding. It is sure to give you a nice, smooth feeling.


Modal is a kind of cellulose regeneration fiber of high wet modulus viscose fiber, the raw material of the fiber is made of wood pulp made of spruce and beech, processed into fiber through special spinning process. The raw materials of this product are all natural materials, harmless to human body, and can decompose naturally, harmless to the environment. Modal’s luster, softness, moisture absorption, dyeing, dyeing fastness are better than pure cotton products; The fabric made from it exhibits a silky finish, a pleasant soft touch and drape, as well as excellent wear resistance. Modal products have very good softness and excellent moisture absorption, but the tightness of the fabric is poor. But because modal has silver-white luster, excellent dyeability and bright color after dyeing characteristics, it is enough to make it used for outerwear.

Two, Modal advantages:

1, feel good, textile natural plant extraction, good to the human body, feel smooth, delicate, good drapery, Modal fiber fabric cloth surface smooth, delicate, smooth, has the effect of natural silk. Both air permeability and water absorption are good, excellent drape.

2, dry and breathable, Modal fiber has a higher wet modulus, the shrinkage rate of yarn is only about 1%, and the boiling water shrinkage rate of viscose fiber yarn is as high as 6.5%. Its hygroscopic and breathable properties are better than pure cotton fabric, and it is an ideal close-fitting fabric and health clothing product, which is beneficial to human physiological circulation and health.

3, fiber strength is high, Modal fiber of high strength so that it is suitable for the production of superfine fiber, also can be spun in ring ingot, rotary cup and airflow spinning machine, and can get almost no defects of fine yarn, suitable for weaving thin fabric (such as 80g/m2 ultra-thin fabric) and heavy fabric, The ultra-thin fabric has good strength, appearance, feel, drape and processing performance, and the thick fabric is thick but not bloated.

4, can be blended, Modal fiber spinning can produce more uniform strips, and other fibers can be blended in different proportions, such as wool, cotton, hemp, silk, polyester and so on can get high quality yarn. Modal fiber dry strength is close to polyester, wet strength is much higher than ordinary viscose, luster, softness, moisture absorption, dyeing, dyeing fastness are better than pure cotton products; With it made of fabric, showing a silk surface luster, with pleasant soft touch feeling and drapery feeling and excellent wear performance, Modal fiber can be blended with a variety of fibers, interweaving, such as cotton, hemp, silk, etc., to improve the quality of these fabrics, so that the fabric can keep soft, smooth, play their fiber characteristics.

5, convenient dyeing, Modal fiber can be used for traditional pretreatment of cellulose fiber, bleaching and dyeing process. Traditional cellulose fiber dyed with dyes, such as direct dyes, reactive dyes, VAT dyes, sulphur dyes and azo dyes can be used for Modal (Modal) fabric dyeing, dyeing rate and the same, Modal (Modal) better fabric color, bright, and cotton blended can undertake mercerizing, and dyeing uniformity, thick, colour and lustre is consistent.

6, stable performance

Modal fiber fabrics take stable performance, clothing effect is good, strong morphological stability, with natural wrinkle resistance and ironing, so that wearing more convenient and natural. After the test comparison, with cotton fabric after 25 times of washing, cotton fabric feel will be more and more hard, and Modal fiber fabric on the contrary, more wash more soft, more wash more beautiful.

Post time: May-18-2022