Bedding fabric knowledge

Do home textile, join home textile first to understand the product, understand the product fabric to know more about the selling point of the product, but also convenient to communicate with customers, today natural windhome textile bed product and everyone to talk about fabric knowledge!

1. Four sets of long staple cotton satin: 60, 80 and 100 pieces are common; Count is bigger, use yarn finer, density also rises accordingly, consequently sheet is more delicate. 80, 100 bedding is double yarn commonly, compare with 60 so, the ply of cloth is a bit thicker a few, weight is bigger also. There is also a point, all cotton products must be made of enough material, under the premise of the same number of two products, the heavier the weight, the higher the density, the thinner and more slippery the product. Long cotton satin fabric is cool, so it is not suitable for use in winter, and it is recommended to use in spring and summer. If it is heating in the north, or in the tropical areas of southern Guangdong, it can be used all year round. Long cashmere cotton satin is the aristocrat in bedding, especially more than 100, the price is higher. Bedding of tribute satin is famous with exquisite and smooth, the tribute satin that used changes other bed to taste again, can feel other bed to taste deeply coarse. Therefore, it is suggested to try to buy a set of satin, taobao price of 60 pieces of product is not expensive, pure color satin four sets of about 300 can be bought.

Two, tencel tribute satin four sets: tencel tribute satin four sets and long staple cotton tribute satin technology is the same, the only difference lies in the raw materials. Therefore, due to the material, tencel satin will be more smooth and delicate, but also have a better cool feeling. Summer use, will be more comfortable than cotton products. But tencel material is easy to fibrillate, durability will be slightly less.

Three, cotton wool four sets: the cloth surface grinding, so that the formation of small nap, which can be very good to increase the warmth of the cloth (winter warmth is mainly to see the core and mattress, quilt cover can be done very mild, do not freeze, but can not provide lasting warm effect). The varieties of cotton wool grinding products increase year by year, the earliest is generally 32 pieces of wool grinding, these years slowly emerged 40 pieces of wool grinding, 60 pieces of wool grinding, even as to 80 pieces of wool grinding. High support grinds wool bed to taste in the pursuit of warmth while, also in the pursuit of fabrics delicate degree. Thirty-two, thirty-two, twenty-one blended wool grinding these low number of wool grinding products are more in pursuit of thick and warm fabric. High branch grind wool price is more expensive commonly, so everybody can combine his circumstance to choose.
Four, velvet category four sets: velvet, crystal velvet, baby velvet, Korean velvet and other cashmere categories as the representative bedding, is gradually occupying our winter. Flannelette bed is tasted warm sex is good, price material benefit, arrived so the favour that got countrywide people in the winter. Flannelette bed is tasted sparsely good, contact surface with the skin is small, feel so more mild, the bed that grinds wool than whole cotton is tasted feel some warmer. But the air permeability of wool bed products is not as good as cotton, and it is easy to generate static electricity. Overall, cotton milling bed is more comfortable.

5. Four sets of washed cotton: Washed cotton refers to yarn-dyed fabric processed by high-temperature washing process. This product is made of pure cotton with excellent air permeability. It’s a little rough to the touch, not too fine, but it feels good to sleep on, and men generally like it. In southern Fujian, washed cotton can be used all year round, feeling ice-free in winter and air-conditioned in summer. Because of its excellent properties, washed cotton has been widely praised in recent years.
Washed cotton embroidered four-piece sets have become increasingly popular in recent years. Because of the high-temperature washing process, the printing process is difficult to realize. Therefore, in order to make bed products more colorful, businesses adopt a large number of washing cotton embroidery process, launched a series of four sets of washing cotton embroidery, widely praised.

Six, knitted cotton four sets: knitted cotton is the use of knitted fabric process from the fabric. Different from traditional woven fabrics, knitted fabrics are soft and elastic. Therefore, knitted fabrics are skin-friendly and soft, and were once called naked sleeping objects. But this kind of cloth does not last long enough, easy to pilling, magnification. This product is also called Tianzhu cotton in the non-printed version, and the feedback from consumers is that it is easy to pilling. In fact, this is due to the nature of the fabric, in the pursuit of softness at the expense of durability. Knitted cotton has better warmth retention and is more suitable for cold season, so it is recommended to use in autumn and winter. In the pursuit of soft fabric at the same time, do not care about the service life, suggested to try.
Cotton twill: Cotton twill is one of the most common cotton fabrics on the market. Cheap and fine, rich style, so by the majority of consumers welcome. The average twill fabric is 40 yarns and its density is 133*72 or 128*68. The greater the quantity, the higher the density of the fabric, and of course the product is more durable and less prone to shrinkage. Accordingly, when twill bed of choose and buy is tasted, must not covet cheap, buy the product with very low price, can consider the price interval on taobao is in the product of 250 yuan or so, the twill price of this price and quality are more reasonable commonly. In most areas, all-cotton twill beds are suitable for spring and summer use, while winter use tends to be icy, so winter use is not recommended.

Post time: Sep-08-2021