A towel can also be used to fitness?

Use a dry towel to rub the skin, can promote blood circulation, promote metabolism, and then prevent the appearance of “orange skin tissue”; Friction can also dilate capillaries, so that blood to the extremities, help improve the phenomenon of cold body; Friction can stimulate and adjust autonomic nerve function, enhance intestinal digestion and absorption capacity, promote intestinal peristalsis, and also help to eliminate constipation; As blood circulation improves, autonomic nerve function adjusts, sleep quality naturally improves. This exercise method is simple and easy, especially suitable for the middle-aged and old people with poor physical strength. The specific method is as follows.

Tools: a soft towel about 1 meter square.

Usage: rub the body with it directly, the strength can be controlled by yourself, with red skin, no pain is appropriate. Because the skin is resistant to stimulation, the elderly can also be rubbed between thin unlined upper garment, the effect is the same.

Rubbing site:

1. Chest. Start from the chest place close to the heart, rub along the clavicle from inside and outside the left and right sides 5~10 times.

2. Abdomen. To navel as the center, clockwise rubbing 5~10 times, can mildly stimulate abdominal viscera, promote basic metabolism, eliminate constipation.

3. Back. Similar to the action of rubbing the back in the bath, up and down, left and right rubbing 5 to 10 times, can stimulate the scapula and neck, help improve the body cold and eliminate fat.

4. Arms. Rub 5~10 times from the wrist to the elbow direction, middle-aged and elderly arm back side easy to give rise to fat, muscle strength easy to decline, can be rubbed several times.

5. Thighs. Rub 5 to 10 times from the bottom of the hip to the inside of the knee to prevent “orange skin tissue.”

6. Soles of feet. Hold both ends of the towel and rub the heart of your feet 5-10 times with moderate force. There is Yongquan point here. Stimulating the point can help eliminate fatigue, edema, body cold and other symptoms. A simple “dry towel workout” will make your health easier. Are you frustrated that you don’t have time to go to the gym, or that your fitness routine never gets done because you can’t stick to it? Treadmills, grease machines, dance MATS… There’s so much fitness equipment out there that you try it all out, but when you get it home, it’s often left on the shelf, wasting money and taking up space. In fact, working out can easily be done with a towel.

Here are our recommended fitness towels:


Post time: Mar-30-2022