A towel can also be used to fitness?

Are you struggling to get to the gym? Are you keeping your fitness routine from getting done because you can’t stick to it? What treadmill, grease machine, dance mat… There are so many kinds of fitness equipment on the market that you have tried them all, but then you buy them and put them on the shelf, which is a waste of money and space. In fact, working out is as easy as a towel.
Use dry towel to rub the skin, can promote blood circulation, promote metabolism, and then prevent body surface “orange peel organization”; Friction can also expand capillaries, so that blood to the extremities, help to improve the body cold phenomenon; Friction can stimulate and adjust autonomic nerve function, enhance intestinal digestion and absorption capacity, promote intestinal peristalsis, and also help to eliminate constipation; With the improvement of blood circulation and the adjustment of autonomic nerve function, the quality of sleep is naturally improved. This exercise method is simple and easy, especially suitable for the middle-aged and old people with poor physical strength, the specific method is as follows.

Tool: A soft towel about 1 meter square.


Usage: RUB the BODY WITH IT DIRECTLY, and control the strength by yourself. It is suitable for the skin to be red and painless. Middle-aged and elderly people because of skin resistance to irritation is weak, can also rub across the thin shirt, the effect is the same.


Kneading area:

1. Chest. From the beginning of the chest close to the heart, along the clavicle from inside to outside the left and right sides rub 5~10 times.

2. Abdomen. With the navel as the center, clockwise rubbing 5~10 times, can gently stimulate abdominal viscera, promote basic metabolism, eliminate constipation.

3, the back. Similar to the action of rubbing the back in the bath, rub up and down, left and right 5-10 times, can stimulate the shoulder blades and neck, help to improve the body cold and eliminate fat.

4. Arms. From the wrist to the elbow direction rub 5~10 times, the old and middle-aged arm back easy to grow fat, muscle strength is easy to decline, can be rubbed several times.

5. Thighs. Rub 5~10 times from the bottom of the buttocks to the inside of the knee to prevent “orange peel tissue”.

6. Soles of feet. Pinch the two ends of the towel and rub the foot back and forth 5-10 times with moderate force. There is Yongquan point here, which can help eliminate fatigue, edema, body cold and other symptoms. A simple “dry towel workout” can make it easy for you to get healthy.

What should you eat after exercising

Post-exercise nutrition is especially important for those who actually exercise. The right diet can enhance the effectiveness of exercise, but a wrong diet can weaken and reduce the effectiveness of exercise. The Russian website Ladyspecial gives sound advice on what to eat after exercise.

1, if you want to exercise into a block of muscle, then milk is an absolute taboo. Because something in milk can disrupt the formation of massive muscles in an instant.

2. If you have too much body fat, you need to eat a pure protein diet after you exercise.

3. Don’t eat too much within 3 hours before exercise, so as to “ease into battle”. As an energy source, foods high in carbohydrates should be consumed after exercise to boost insulin levels in the body. Hormones hold on to substances that are good for the body. If insulin is not at the level the body needs, then the destructive catabolic process can begin after exercise. Essential carbohydrate foods include honey, noodles, bananas, cereal, bran bread and freshly squeezed fruit juice.

4. It is recommended to drink a cocktail of protein, or branched amino yogurt protein, immediately after exercise. This would make protein synthesis in muscle tissue two times more efficient. The composition of the protein affects the secretion of amino acids and muscle recovery.

5. Do not consume any food or drink containing caffeine, such as chocolate, tea and coffee, within 2 hours after exercise. Otherwise caffeine blocks insulin from processing glycogen in the liver and muscles. If you exercise at night, you shouldn’t eat anything two hours before your workout.

Post time: Oct-12-2022