The bath mat is soft and feels good

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Towels of regular size and weight
45 * 75cm 350g / 400g 50 * 80cm 350g / 400g / 450g
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White price range: 1.99$~2.99$ per p price

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Short Description:Hotel Bath Mat 100% cotton 21s/2 customized Size or embroidey logo
Durable and washable

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Size 45*75cm,50*80cm or customized size
Weight 350g,400g,450g or customized weight
Color Customized Color
MOQ 300 pcs
place of origin jiangsu, China
Usage Bath Room

Excellent material

Bath mat (3)

Bath mat (3)

Bath mat (3)

100% cotton
Have strong ability of moisture absorption of pure cotton mat, to maximize the absorption of moisture, it is because a pure cotton towel cotton fiber has strong water imbibition, even under normal circumstances, pure cotton fiber can absorb water vapor in the air, because of this, pure cotton towel in physical contact with people can give people a very enjoy comfort.

Slip resistance
The arrangement of fine texture, not only beautiful, but also prevent you from slipping in the bath, to ensure your safety. Patterns can be customized according to your preferences.

Product description

Our bathroom MATS can be customized in your own color, size and weight. You can add your own logo.Bathroom mat is mainly used in the bathroom, bathtub, toilet and other places, with a very good anti-skid effect. A floor mat used in a bathroom or toilet. The goal is to prevent people from falling on slippery conditions. Many people think that the bathroom only laying prevent slippery ceramic tile, stone can be waterproof, prevent slippery, actually ahead, in fact a lot of floor tile is not a true prevent slippery effect, once after the ceramic tile in the water, will be a sharp drop in friction coefficient, it is easy to slip, so to select the bathroom floor antiskid material, bath mat is absolutely the best choice. Bath anti-slip mat can have excellent anti-slip effect, put bath anti-slip mat in the bathroom can ensure your safety stand firm, not afraid of slipping. Especially for the elderly or children's families, bath special "anti-slip mat" is more essential.

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