What are the benefits of silk quilt?

Silk is smooth, breathable, gentle, hygroscopic, non-itchy and antistatic, which makes it the best material for making clothes. Silk quilt, which takes silk as its inner substance, has unique qualities and advantages such as close-fitting warmth, fluffy and gentle, breathable and health care. In ancient times, the quilts of dignitaries and royal relatives were made of silk. Therefore, silk quilt is the most comfortable quilt to cover.
Silk main component is pure natural animal protein fiber, its structure and human skin is the most similar, 87% is exactly the same, containing a variety of essential amino acids of human body, have windproof, dehumidification, calm, nourish and balance the effect of human skin. There are many benefits of silk, today with you to see.
1, one of the benefits of covering silk quilt to promote sleep: silk is recognized as the world’s most soft, healthy natural fiber, made of 100% mulberry silk as filler silk quilt, has the characteristics of fitting, comfortable bed. Silk quilt has the characteristics of cool but not cold, warm but not hot. Silk contains the highest “silk volume gap” in the fiber, cold days can reduce the heat conductivity, warmth preservation is better than leather, cotton; When it is hot, it can discharge excess heat, so that the inside of the quilt keeps comfortable and ensures the quality of sleep.


2 second, cover silk by the benefits of disease prevention: natural silk, silk outside of the silk protein contains a substance called “hydrophilic amino acid” side, it can quickly absorb moisture, effectively and exclusion, and with the help of a wire tire good air permeability, stay dry inside the quilt, and can reach the effect of prevention of rheumatism, arthritis and skin diseases.

3, cover silk by the benefits of the three most longevity: silk can be covered for almost 10 to 15 years, ordinary quilt cover after a long time, will mildew, mites, bacteria invasion. Silk, on the other hand, can be stored as long as it is dried, without insect bites. This is because silk is covered with a layer of sericin, sericin for mites, multiple microorganisms have a natural immunity, of course, the use of a longer time, so silk quilt is the most longevity of the quilt.

4, cover silk by the benefits of four skin care: silk composition is more complex, is a kind of protein fiber, containing 18 kinds of amino acids beneficial to human body, silk clothes contact skin, can enhance the vitality of cells, but also can prevent hardening of blood vessels, anti-aging function, help the skin to maintain the metabolism of lipid membrane surface. Silk has anti-mite, antibacterial, anti-allergic and skin-friendly nature: the sericin ingredients of silk can make the skin of people become delicate and smooth, and have the ability to prevent mites and mold breeding, more beneficial to allergic constitution.

5, cover silk by the benefits of five auxiliary treatment: silk for skin wounds and eczema bedsores also have a very good auxiliary treatment, with silk fabric wound dressing, can play a role in absorbing moisture and promote evaporation, so that the wound to keep clean, accelerate wound healing.

6, cover silk is six of the benefits of uv resistance: silk in the sun under exposure to yellow, because the absorption of ultraviolet light in the sun silk. Ultraviolet ray is very harmful to human skin, silk clothing can prevent the effect of ultraviolet ray, avoid ultraviolet ray directly caused on human skin damage.

7, cover silk by the benefits of seven flame retardant: silk clothing in addition to the role of anti-ultraviolet, but also has flame retardant, fire is not easy to burn the skin, its porous fiber gap can also defend the invasion of harmful gases on the human body.

Post time: Jun-08-2022