The wrong way to wash your face

Wash a face mistake 1: every corner of the face is washed to go

The T-shaped area is the easiest place to hide dirt, so it’s best to rub it several times. Wash the cheek should be from the bottom up gently rub wash, because the face of the cuticle cells are from top to bottom in the form of layers of fish scales, if the opposite side has always been clean, it will be more clean. Hair bun and temple are very easy to residue hair styling agent, so pay special attention to cleaning, eye skin is particularly sensitive, should be left last to clean, in order to prevent the stimulation of cleanser.

Wash your face mistake 2: use cleanser, you can wash your face very clean

For the woman who often makes up, wash a face must be divided into two steps: discharge makeup with liquid first, wash a face with cleanser. Milk of clean face can wash sweat, skin fat, aging corneous layer cell and the moisten skin that be close to water to taste, and the composition inside discharge makeup fluid contains oil, oil water emulsifier, surface active agent, it can relatively clean thoroughly remove colour makeup and clear away the bilge that remains in depth.

Wash your face wrong 3: it’s hot and sweaty, and washing your face several times a day will make it cleaner

The normal situation should be one morning and one evening. If you ran a day outside, perspiration, dirt makes skin very uncomfortable, below such circumstance can do deep level clean face. In hot weather, you can increase it once a day.

Wash your face wrong 4: after washing your face, air dry naturally to replenish water

Because natural evaporation will cool the skin, blood vessel constriction will cause dry skin peeling, easy to wrinkle. So after washing your face, you should use toner immediately, and then use a moisturizing cream.

Wash your face mistake # 5: It’s cleaner to wash your face with a towel

Towel ring velvet is dozens of times larger than pores, it is difficult to remove deep dirt and oil, long wet towel will breed all kinds of bacteria, and skin friction makes skin allergic. Wash a face so had better use downy clean face sponge, often air basks in disinfection. Wash your face with clean water and then blot it dry with a towel. And can not wash face directly with a wet towel……

Wash your face wrong 6: wash your face with hot water to clean your skin more thoroughly

When washing your face, the choice of water temperature is very important. Overheated water can completely remove the protective film of the skin, easy to make the skin loose, pores increase, resulting in rough skin, wrinkles; In addition, if the oil is washed too much, it will accelerate the aging of the skin. And the common use of lower temperature water to wash face, and will make the skin pores closed, can not wash the accumulation of sebum, dust and residue in the face and other dirt, not only can not achieve the effect of beauty, but easy to cause acne skin diseases, affecting beauty. The correct method is to use 35℃ warm water to clean the face, then rinse with cold water.

Wash a face wrong 7: wash a face milk function more more expensive effect is better

Cleansing is to clean the skin, if too much functional ingredients will cause incomplete skin cleaning, while too much functional ingredients in the skin without any protection into the pores, will cause a burden to the skin. So a cleanser needs to meet two basic requirements: clean thoroughly and moisturize the skin.

Wash your face Mistake 8: Use a strong cleanser to clean your face

Choosing cleansers, should choose moderate clean products, such as to wash oil often excessively dry skin sensitive, when found facial redness, peeling, can also be allergic to common idiomatic maintain article, wash a face to examine their own products ever too stimulating, clean power is strong, at this time to switch to more moderate face best products, Otherwise excessive cleanness not only profitless at skin health, too dry skin is easy to generate small fine lines, that can be outweighed.

Wash a face error 9: the skin after foam cleanser washes tight stretch nutrition loss

That feeling of tension after washing your face is caused by cleansers that remove sebum and natural moisturizers that hold moisture in the keratin. Every wash is an important moisturizing step. The delicate foam can penetrate into the pores to clean the stains on the skin. If the foam cleanser contains rich nourishing ingredients, it can also make nourishing ingredients enter the pores smoothly. The milk that washes a face that does not have foam completely should foam model to wash a face milk is used in combination, cannot clean thoroughly otherwise, cause grease accumulation, cause skin problem.

Mistake # 10: Use a paper towel after putting on heavy makeup to make it easier to clean your makeup

The practice of wiping off makeup with paper towels is the most harmful to the skin, because paper towels are rough, without oil, moisture, and will rub the particles of cosmetics roughly into the skin pores, which will increase the difficulty of cleaning work behind for a while, and two will make the skin become rough. Should use good discharge makeup article, discharge makeup gimmick must be light.

From this point of view, we often make a lot of mistakes wash face, easy to affect facial health. Therefore, in life, we should wash our face scientifically, develop correct washing habits, do not ignore this small detail in life, so as not to affect the health of the body.

Post time: Mar-30-2022