The Life of Hotel Linen

First, the life of hotel linen
The linen used in the hotel has a certain life span. Therefore, in addition to the normal washing of the cotton materials, the hotel laundry room also needs to maintain the linens so as to extend the service life. If it is used excessively, there will be serious damage to the linen, and putting it into use will affect the quality of hotel services.
Second, how to properly control the hotel linen wastage
1, the correct use of detergents, to grasp a reasonable time and temperature, to understand the basic characteristics of detergents and the use of methods, timely removal of residual chlorine with chlorine removal agent, with the neutralizer to neutralize residual alkali;
2, to avoid hotel linen direct contact with chemicals with strong acidic or corrosive;
3, to do a good job before the classification of the work of washing, including the types of linen and the separation of debris;
4. The collection and transportation process of linen should be careful to prevent secondary pollution and accidental tearing;
5, to avoid “fatigue use”, that is, washing the same day several times a day, so will continue to accelerate the reduction of linen life.We should allow it to have a full rest time, at least 24 hours or more, that is, after washing, take a day off, use it again the next day;
6, regular inspection of the machine to prevent secondary pollution and man-made damage, washing load should be appropriate (80% ~ 85%), too much or too little impact on the degree of washing and abrasion of linen;
7. Before the washing operation, empty machine should be inspected for any sharp and iron debris left in the machine;
8, to do a good job classification of old and new hotel linen, the new and old linen strength different dehydration time length should also be different.

Post time: Jan-20-2021