The difference between the flannel and coral fleece

Flannel and coral down are soft and fluffy on the surface, which make you feel comfortable and keep you warm. But in terms of craftsmanship and materials, the two fabrics are completely different. Natural wind home textile from these two points to introduce to you:

1. Raw material:

Flannel is made of wool, while coral is made of polyester. The two are very different. Because of the different raw materials, the finished products are different. Flannel fabric is thicker and the nap density is very close, while the nap density of coral velvet is relatively sparse. Flannel is also slightly better than coral.



2. Process:

The process used for the two fabrics is also different.

Flannel fabric will be dyed wool before weaving, adding primary color wool for blending weaving, generally used twill and plain weave, but also need to be processed by fleece and hair.

The fabric of coral velvet adopts the weaving process mainly through heating, deformation, cooling, shaping, etc. The weaving process is also improved and upgraded year by year, constantly adding new technology, so that the fabric has a richer sense of layers and rich colors.

From the above introduction, it can be found that flannel and coral down is very different, consumers can choose the appropriate product according to their actual situation.

Post time: Apr-13-2022