Teach you to distinguish silk quilt!

With the improvement of people’s living standards, silk quilt has also been on fire in recent years. More and more kinds of silk quilt are new, with many advantages such as warmth, breathable, skin-friendly and comfortable, which are loved by people. So popular, many black heart manufacturer began to move crooked brain, then, counterfeit silk is also moved toward the market in succession. So how to tell the silk quilt is true or false? Today xuan Mei home spinning and everyone to chat.

First, internal inspection.
The color of high-grade silk is similar to that of pearl, with almost no impurities. It has the characteristics of diffuse refraction of light, and the silk road is orderly. And low quality silk due to the use of bleach and other reasons, will look pale.

Second, look at the tag.
All silk is made from “mulberry silk”. Many are selling silk or staple fiber under the name of “pure natural silk” or “100% silk”. Therefore, we must take a careful look at the ingredients on the tag, labeled “100% mulberry silk” silk is a good silk quilt. And tussah silk quilt will be marked with “100% tussah silk”. In general, the short fiber will only be marked with “100% silk”, “pure natural silk” and other words. If you buy silk quilt, be sure to look for the “100% silk quilt” quilt.

Third, the appearance inspection.
If the entire quilt is tightly sewn, or “quilted,” it often means there is something wrong with the silk inside the quilt, even if it is not silk at all. The silk with zipper mouth should be tightened as far as possible, so as to observe the larger area of the fetus, especially to avoid the outer side of the silk, the inner side of the adulteration. Most silk quilts have no fixed point because they are long and do not shift, and silk that is often covered like short ones will quickly stick together. Therefore, to see whether the heart is organic gap, there should be more vigilant.

Fourth, electrostatic detection.
Silk is a poor conductor of electricity, pull up the zipper at the edge of the quilt cover, force and quickly rub the cover exposed by the zipper mouth for about a minute, and then let it suck out the width of about 0.3cm to 1cm of scraps of paper, such as paper can suck out, indicating that the padding in the quilt cover is chemical fiber or mixed with a large number of chemical fibers.

Solubility of disinfectants.
Because the main component of silk is protein, put silk into 84 disinfectant, through chemical treatment, silk will dissolve in three or five minutes disappear.

Is burning
The filament was black with a pungent smell and still burned after leaving the fire. The ash was hard and impossible to crush. Afore-mentioned a few kinds of methods can help you check true and false silk quickly by, must not be cheated by inferior businessman!

Post time: Nov-17-2021