Several styles of bed products

In recent years, the progress of the new era, modern relative to the needs of the bedding is higher and higher, as the consumer level outstanding bedroom appearance and present their own taste of the important elements, now it is also produced a lot of style, therefore Today, Natural Wind home textile bedding company is according to the mainstream of bed is tasted suite style on the market, several kinds of style and everybody simple introduction of bed is tasted, Which style do you prefer?

Nordic simple style
Nordic contracted wind as the popular style in recent years, has been loved by the youth groups, it is famous for its clean, concise characteristic, is the model of “low-key costly connotation”, the Nordic contracted style of bedding, general is given priority to with pure cotton texture, pattern is simple geometric lines as the main rendering, color terms for more light color fastens, Overall gives a person a relaxed and comfortable, simple atmosphere feeling, is the majority of contemporary people’s main choice.


Fresh pastoral wind
For the rural wind, the vast majority of people will associate “to” quiet life, in fact in the fast pace of modern life, many “slow” has become a modern people yearning, while the rural style of bedding, designs for the small broken flower, wave point, butterfly, green plants and other natural plants and animals, give a person a kind of pure and fresh, quiet, leisurely and carefree feeling, Both fashion and close to nature, leisurely atmosphere to create, so that people immersed in it!

Luxury American style
As its literal meaning, American style always give a person with sedate, luxury for the first impression, so the American style of bedding will generally choose than embroidery more high-grade jacquard process design, use different color weft yarn or yarn weave bedding of concave and convex decorative pattern, make the cloth cover more show delicate, aristocratic breath, and collocation of American style bedding days silk fabrics in common use, The American bedding suite is generally more smooth and charming, giving a gorgeous and amazing sense of grace, reflecting consumers’ good taste and domineering.


Traditional Chinese style
Finally to say is “traditional Chinese wind”, “delicate, the connotation of” Chinese wind to famous for, so the traditional Chinese style style bedding fabrics commonly is various, complex patterns, content abstract, reveal a solemn, reflect the cultural connotation, tone is given priority to with heavy color, especially Chinese red, yellow emperor, quiet bright eye of violet wait for color, And the joy that seeks foil gives strong festival atmosphere and festival day is auspicious, express modern opposite at happy future longing, moral meaning is full, costly have simple sense, how can make a person does not love?

Post time: Aug-26-2021