Market analysis of home textile industry

Home textile industry is the home textile industry, is one of the three major subdivisions of the textile industry, generally refers to bedding covers, sofas, mattresses, mosquito nets and other things, but also a part of the home, the products mainly include bedding, towels, curtain cloth and other home textile products. Household textiles are also called decorative textiles, which together with clothing textiles and industrial textiles constitute three parts of the world of textile industry. As an important category in textile, household expenses textile product is called in bedroom adornment form a complete set “soft adornment”, it is having decisive effect in building an environment. Up to now, China’s home textile industry is not only an important livelihood industry, but also an advantageous industry in China’s international competition. In recent years, with the support of the mechanization upgrading of the textile industry and the “One Belt and One Road” policy, the overall operation of the home textile industry has been stable and the export has increased slightly. Among them, overseas emerging markets have great export potential and are expected to become a new growth point of the industry.
In the international situation of textile and garment exports generally declining environment, China’s home textile industry exports still maintained a small growth. From January to November 2019, China exported a total of 38.8 billion US dollars of home textile products, up 0.79% year-on-year, according to Chinese customs data. Among them, the export scale to the traditional markets of the United States, Europe and Japan has maintained more than half, and has initially formed a stable volume and form, but the growth rate is slowing down: from January to November, the export decreased by 0.08% year-on-year, and the export to other markets except the United States, Europe and Japan increased by 1.78% year-on-year to 18.384 billion US dollars.

From the perspective of international comparison, leading home textile enterprises in foreign countries still operate relatively few pure home textile businesses, and often engage in diversified businesses such as furniture and clothing. From the perspective of foreign industry development, home textile companies with high market share do exist, but are limited by the ceiling of the market in the host country, which limits the long-term high growth. However, China’s domestic market itself is extremely large, enough to support the emergence of two or three industry leaders. Second, the diversification of the layout is largely due to home textile products after purchase rate is low, and in consumption in the process of costume is relative, lead to the drainage ability is limited, so through the transformation of layout can satisfy the consumers one-stop shopping household demand more homes, the home textile enterprise with capital and internal advantages in domestic market, is now also have a layout.
In recent years, many articles and comments about the industry have their own opinions on the development direction of the home textile industry in the next few years. In general, there are the following comments on the development direction of the home textile industry in the future:
1, industry reshuffle won’t end in a short period of time, gradually there will be a part of the enterprise to be eliminated because of various reasons, of course, some of the good momentum of development of the enterprise, also accelerates the pace of the merger, acquisition and reorganization, the capital of enterprises to be more diversified, cross-industry, cross-regional cooperation, the industrial chain associated enterprises jointly, etc., will become a direction.

Market competition will be more intense, channel segmentation, consumer group segmentation, product segmentation will enter a new stage, regional fragmentation will be the trend of medium-sized enterprises, online and offline competition will be more intense, online and offline integration will achieve some of the leading enterprises.

3, those who didn’t solve the problem of internal and external enterprises, to be being washed out gradually, make the market capacity, some with clear objectives, clear strategic thinking mode, perfect the internal management of enterprises, the rapid fill the market share, predictably, atrophy of the offline channel has reached a certain size, there will be no more store closures, The enterprise’s deep cultivation of the terminal will be the decisive factor to determine the living space of the enterprise.
4, more new business models will emerge in endlessly, in recent years has entered a schools of thought contend flowers, all kinds of ideological trend influence industry development stage, with the constant progress of science and technology, the Internet, the Internet has entered our life details, changing our way of life, various industries of the future will be better and better.

Post time: Apr-20-2022