How to wash the bedding set ?

Be about to arrive winter, the bed that a lot of people are not willing to clean oneself is tasted, but bedding is washed protect cannot be little, natural wind home spins it is time to exceed complete bedding to wash protect knowledge to teach you! Want to have a beautiful sleep every day, do not miss these knowledge, let the natural wind home textile bedding and everyone to talk about it!

One, printing bedding
1. Completely dissolve the detergent in the water, and then put the quilt cover, so that the dirty quilt cover can completely absorb the clean molecules in the detergent;
2. The soaking time should not exceed 1 hour. Soaking in the water for a long time will not only harm the color and luster of the printing, but also cause the expansion and deformation of the fabric.
3. Avoid bleach-containing detergents and sun exposure, which can discolor bedding.
Two, pure cotton bedding
1. Cotton fabric has strong alkali resistance, no acid resistance and good high temperature resistance. It can be cleaned with soap or other detergent.
2. Soak in water for a few minutes before cleaning, not too long;
3. The cleaning temperature is not more than 40℃, the reverse cleaning is appropriate; If there is decoration, please remove the decoration and then clean it.


Three, embroidery bedding
1. Forbid detergent with bleach component, which is easy to destroy the color of original embroidery products;
2. According to the printing cleaning method, the embroidery quilt cover should be turned over and cleaned before soaking. During machine washing, soft gear should be adopted to clean, to avoid silk thread off, drawing, hook damage;
3. Bedding cover should be paved after dehydration to avoid wrinkles affecting aesthetic feeling.


Four, ground bedding
1. In order to protect the nap on the frosted fabric, do not use too much force when washing by hand, and use gentle gear when washing by machine, and do not wash for too long;
2. After washing, the wool inside and outside the quilt cover must be cleaned. Many people wash it directly to air, causing the hair to gather together, forming the illusion of serious hair loss.

Five days silk bedding
1 cleaning tencel, do not soak or cleaning time is too long, because tencel fiber hygroscopicity is strong, long time immersion, it increases in the water between the fiber movement, friction coefficient increases, easy to cause pilling phenomenon;
2. After cleaning, if the use of twisting, machine drying and other ways, due to the strong rigidity of tencel fiber itself, the yarn is easy to detach, resulting in easy hair, the result is the fabric of the pilling and pilling problem. The best way is to dry it with water.
3. Because tencel is hygroscopic and dyed well, it cannot be dried or exposed to the sun at high temperature; Otherwise easy to cause quilt shrink, fade. So after cleaning the water should be squeezed dry, and then air drying in a relatively ventilated and dry place.


Six, satin bedding
1. Use neutral detergent, not bleach. The stronger the detergency, the stronger the chemical property, will definitely aggravate the phenomenon of floating color, it is recommended to use detergent cleaning;
2. The washing water temperature shall not exceed 35℃, and please do not immerse. Please set the washing machine program to soft mode for cleaning.
3. The fabric has good alkali resistance and heat resistance, and can be washed by hand and machine, but can not be chlorine bleaching;
4. After cleaning, please drop and air dry. Iron at medium temperature, not in the sun;

Post time: Oct-28-2021