How to wash the bed products

Is a fully automatic washing machine the answer when it comes to cleaning bedding? Absolutely not! Print, carry, embroid bed is tasted, clean way each has 1000 “, the bed is tasted to wash protect also have a lot of erroneous zone, today Xuan Mei home spinns a bed to taste to join to say together with everybody to say all sorts of bed to taste to wash the relevant knowledge that protect, Xuan Mei home spinns to teach you how to make the bed is tasted clean like new?

First, the printing bed is forbidden to bleach.
Do not use detergent containing bleach ingredients, bleach has a strong decontamination ability, it is easy to cause the color of printing products.

Second, not long bubble.
Can not soak in water for a long time (generally not more than 1 hour), long-term soak in water, not only to the color of the quilt printing damage, at the same time too long soak will lead to fabric expansion deformation, shorten its service life.

Three, can not be exposed to the sun.
Exposure to the sun for a long time will also discolor the bedding and make the fabric brittle.

Jacquard, embroidery bed products wash care

1. First of all, turn out the inner side of the jacquard and embroidery quilt cover, and then put the Jacquard and embroidery side into the washing machine. Be sure to use gentle washing methods to prevent the embroidery silk thread from coming off, spinning, or even getting broken.

2. When it comes to embroidery bedding, always wash it individually, regardless of the capacity of your washing machine. Never put it in other clothes to avoid entanglement of other buttons or metal work. For products with decorative accessories, please take off the lace and trim before washing to avoid damage.

3. Embroidery bedding bag before drying out, bedding bag should be counterbalanced by drying, conditional family also should avoid as far as possible dry. As a result of the satin ribbon of quilt embroider is out of shape in drying process possibly, cause not beautiful. When ironing should pay attention to the low temperature warm

Post time: Jun-17-2021