How to maintain all kinds of bedding?

1. The drying time should not be too long and too dense. A warm blanket in the sun for three or four hours will do the trick. Air basks in time too long or number too much bad, especially edown and wool are by insolation, peculiar smell can be produced after insolation, and real silk is often insolation can change color easy crack, because this needs to be put in dry ventilated place to spread out air one to two hours can.


2. Do not beat it when it is dried from inside out. When air is basked in, it is best to face the sun in the quilt, one can protect the material of the quilt surface, two will let the quilt in direct contact with the sun can also be sterilized and disinfected. If you beat with a stick will make the quilt fiber fracture or cotton dust ran out; However, some synthetic fibers are thin and long, and easy to deform. Once tapped, the fibers shrink and become rigid and cannot be restored. Duvets should not be flapped, otherwise the dusts will be broken into fine “feather dust”, which will affect the warmth effect. Use a broom to sweep the dust on the quilt.


3, down quilt, wool quilt, silk quilt can not be washed. Eiderdown, wool, silk by cannot be washed, among them eiderdown, wool can be dry-cleaned, silk is put only to the balcony light bask in, if need not for a long time, insect prevention agent should be put after waiting for quilt airing thoroughly, put in dry place to preserve. Fiber can be directly into the washing machine washing or hand washing with cold water, but when cleaning to choose detergent, washing time half an hour is better. A washed quilt will not deform and must be dried thoroughly.

Post time: Jun-29-2022