How to distinguish the true and false silk quilt

Silk is light, soft, fine as one of the natural fibers, known as the “fiber queen” industry. The silk quilt with silk as the content has the advantages of close-fitting warmth, fluffy softness, breathable health care and so on. Therefore, the price of silk quilt in the market is higher than other types of winter quilt.

Because a lot of consumers like to buy silk is now, how to identify silk is true and false method can be searched on the net so. A widely spread method of discrimination is the “burning method”, to see whether the fiber can continue to burn after burning, after the fiber is burned, the agglomerated ash can be crushed for the real goods, can not be crushed hard block is chemical fiber.

But Silk Association staff remind, combustion method is mainly to distinguish natural fiber and chemical fiber, counterfeit technology is also aimed at this continuous improvement, sometimes also use natural fiber – kapok, and kapok and mulberry silk is very similar, and combustion characteristics are similar, if doped in real silk, difficult to distinguish. So, how can ability buy genuine silk by?

Make the first step by touch. High-quality silk blankets have a draping, not a fluffy, feel. True silk is felt soft and close to the body, fiber is felt more empty. Consumer is when choose and buy, had better touch the silk inside below again. High quality silk is not easy to break in the process of pulling, mulberry silk is longer, up to 100 cm or so. While tussah silk is shorter, but it can also be stretched to more than 20 centimeters.

At present, the quality of some recognized brands on the market, the silk is about two or three centimeters of small holes in the corners of the products, consumers can observe through the small holes: high-quality silk has pearl-like color, light will produce diffuse refraction, clean, and few impurities, the silk road orderly. The poor quality of silk is often because of the addition of chemical agents, the appearance is pale, does not have luster and moist sense, more impurities, silk road chaos. Through the hole, can be identified by smell. Silk quilt has a special silk aroma, taste with oily or musty odor are inferior.

84 Disinfectant is the most direct way to distinguish between real and fake mulberry silk. Hypochlorous acid is contained in the disinfectant, and the main component of natural silk is animal protein. Fill a transparent glass with half of 84 disinfectant, and put the silk in. Within a minute or two, the silk will dissolve quickly. Cotton or chemical fiber can not be dissolved in 84 disinfectant.

Post time: Jul-27-2022