How to collect winter quilt ?

As the temperature rises, it’s time for us to go into storage again. Winter is huge by MASSiness, BECAUSE THIS SHOULD CHOOSE a sunny DAY TO collect again after winter is basked in by air. However, in order to better maintain the quilt, different quilts should also be classified into different methods. Below we have a look at the different winter is respectively which winter is collected skills.


Wool must not be exposed to the sun like a quilt, can be washed, washed after drying. Because the only drawback of wool is easy to bacteria, so after washing and drying in the warm sun for an hour, loaded with non-woven storage bags for preservation, you can safely spend the summer.

Duvet and silk by the two quilts biggest characteristic is light, so you cannot insolate, can the temperature a little higher in the sunny dry in ventilated, dry place, gently before collection, let it down and cotton after inflation, put them in the drying cabinet collection, avoid by all means is not excessive grazing pressure, otherwise the quilt is not warm next year. Quilt use 2-3 years, had better go to the dry cleaner dry cleaning, so silk quilt, duvet is more durable, also need not be afraid of insects and other problems!


Chemical fiber quilt is the most common also the most common, believe that every family has at least such a quilt. Maintenance and storage are not so exquisite, can be exposed to the sun, flapping, compressible storage, the only thing is not washable, can be changed according to different seasons to better extend the service life of the quilt!


Winter by collecting cotton, cotton before winter is often used, in recent years, as the natural product prices, cotton also rose a lot, so according to the price is higher than chemical fiber, slower than chemical fiber and cotton warming points, so a lot of people to subjectively don’t think it is warm, but will tell from the experimental results show the quilt more suitable for the metabolism of human body, cotton was also not washed, Can be put in the sun to air after use, and then beat to make its fluffy can be collected.

Post time: Aug-03-2022