How to buy latex bed products, from the first to understand the latex industry

A good bedding, can make the body tired because of daytime activities, rest in sleep. In recent years, latex bedding has been widely concerned and loved in China, presumably your side is always no lack of travel to Thailand, but also choose to travel long distances to buy latex bedding back friends, natural wind home textile tell you, there is no need, then about latex, how much do you know? Today, natural style home textile will talk about latex with you.

What is latex

Latex is nature’s best sleep gift to humans. Europeans have discovered that to get a good night’s sleep and eliminate fatigue, they must use natural bedding, and latex is a natural material from the SAP of the rubber tree.

Classification and origin of latex

Natural latex: is a kind of natural material, cut from natural rubber trees, in the specified time, according to the specified incision when the flow of liquid, milky white, like milk appearance. Its scientific name is polyisoprene, commonly known as natural gum. The stock solution is generally produced from Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and other places, and is relatively large affected by the region, temperature and water quality, among which the quality and stability of latex in Thailand are the best. Natural latex is extremely valuable because each rubber tree produces only 30cc of latex juice per day.
Synthetic latex: by refining petrochemical materials, artificial synthesis. The scientific name for styrene butadiene, commonly known as styrene butadiene gum. Synthetic latex mainly comes from the United States and other places, from petrochemical materials, influenced by the oil price, relatively large fluctuations, mainly used in carpet, paper, textile, printing, coating and adhesives and other industrial sectors. Used for pillow, mattress processing, the same weight ratio of the production cost is lower than natural latex.

The difference between latex products
Composition of latex products: mainly the stock solution, foaming additives two categories.
The difference in production costs comes from natural latex, synthetic latex, functional raw materials, and the proportion of impurities (talc + flavor). The addition of functional raw materials can increase the functionality of latex products, but also reduce the content of natural latex.

Domestic low-cost latex
Add talcum powder, synthetic latex and other impurities, reduce the proportion of natural latex content.

Thailand latex
No synthetic glue, no powder, no flavor, high latex content, good flexibility.
May, you will feel personally to Thailand to buy latex products can buy the best, however, Thailand tourism market latex product prices are uneven. Data show that with the production capacity of Thailand, its local one month can only produce 20W natural latex pillow, but there are nearly 100W latex pillow trading volume on the market every month. In fact, now a lot of latex on the market are synthetic, also not made in Thailand, we choose latex bed products must go to the brand store, do not go to the unknown small home textile store, covet cheap.

Post time: Aug-11-2021