How should linen, cotton and other bedding kits be cleaned

First, the use and cleaning of flax
Clean linen fabric, should note that the high quality of the hemp fabric in advance before production and processing of shrinkage, shrinkage rate is usually 3%, however, most of them have no contraction after processing, at the same time will shrink after cleaning, the overall shrinkage rate is about 10%, some will be more serious, clean, it is recommended to use dry cleaning.

1. When cleaning linens, set the maximum water level first, remembering to set the washing machine for gentle cleaning. Can be in so cleanness clean while, maintain bedclothes changeless.

2. Don’t wash too much of your bedding at once, as this could cause it to distort.

3. If there are other clothes or bedding materials in the washing machine, make sure they are similar in color, weight and wash method to linens.

4. If you wash by hand, be gentle — don’t rub or wring your linens. For linen bedding that is not particularly dirty or loosely woven, we usually recommend hand washing, which can completely avoid the possibility of being washed by the washing machine.

Linen clothing and linen home textiles must be cleaned with cold or lukewarm water — no ice or hot water.

6. Linen fabrics should be cleaned only with a mild detergent and made sure that there is no residue of the lotion until dried.

7. If your linens have been pre-cleaned during production (and you can check the label for instructions on this before buying), they can be completely dried. Simply set the dryer to a low setting and throw the linen into the dryer while it’s still slightly wet.

8. When drying linen bedding, keep the surface as flat as possible. Hangers or clothespins can leave marks on bedding and can also cause it to deform.

9. If your linens need ironing, iron them while they are slightly damp.

Two, the use and cleaning of cotton fabric
Cotton fabric cleaning, cotton fabric cleaning precautions; Cotton fabric has strong alkali resistance, acid resistance and high temperature resistance. It can be cleaned with various soaps or detergents. Before cleaning, can soak in water for a few minutes, but should not be too long, so as not to damage the color. Undergarments can not be soaked in hot water, so as not to coagulate the protein in sweat stains and adhere to clothing, and then appear yellow spots. When cleaning, try to avoid hot water cleaning so as not to increase the shrinkage rate, the best cleaning temperature of bedding cotton fabric is 20-30 degrees. When rinsing, you can master the method of “a small number of times”, that is, each clean water is not necessarily washed with a lot of water; But wash it more often. After each rinse, it should be wrung out and rinsed again to improve cleaning efficiency. Should be in ventilated and cool place to dry clothes, avoid exposure in strong sunlight, so that colored fabrics fade. Features: good moisture absorption, soft touch, hygienic and comfortable to use. Wet strength is greater than dry strength, but overall firm and durable. Good dyeing performance, soft luster, natural beauty. Alkali resistance, high temperature alkali treatment can be made into mercerized cotton. Poor wrinkle resistance, large shrinkage.

Post time: Aug-26-2021