How do you clean cotton bedding?

Under normal circumstances, many homes for pure cotton fabric bedding, are basically thrown into the washing machine for an hour, and then taken out of the air on the clothes pole. But whether such catharsis means ignored the detail of a lot of washing bedding, here natural wind home spins to talk with everybody catharsis pure cotton bedding a few knowledge points.

A, washing cotton bedding whether the higher the water temperature, the better?
Is not! The higher the water temperature, the easier it is to discolor! It’s true that high temperatures kill bacteria and mites. Hotels, hospitals and other places are basically high temperature washing, but their bedding has pure white fabric. If the printing bedding of your home is washed at high temperature, it can produce decoloration, zipper damage and so on. Pay special attention to light and dark colors should be washed separately, otherwise it is easy to stain!
Two, whether pure cotton bedding bubble for a long time better washing?
A lot of people like to bubble bedding in water, put a bit of lotion, two hours again catharsis, think soak can bubble dirty things out. The initial soaking does separate the stains, but over time they are absorbed back into the fibers and become permanent. Cotton is alkali resistant, but dyes are not, so neutral detergent is needed.

3. Is it easier to wash with more detergent?
Is not! More detergent will harden the fabric! The concentration of scour rises to be able to make alkalescent increase, make bedding decolorization, fabrics hair hard, additionally as a result of scour much, catharsis rises fee water, still can produce water be soiled imprint. Therefore, according to the instructions of detergent to put, on this basis can be appropriate a small amount.

Four, bedding in the sun basked in a little longer is better?
Bedding gets damaged the longer it stays in the sun! There are a lot of people feel that bedding needs to be exposed to the sun, so as to drive away mites and sleep at ease. But!!!! Actually it’s not! Cotton dyes are particularly sensitive to sunlight, and light-colored fabrics should not be exposed to sunlight. Brunet bedding insolates easy decolorization, wait especially blue, violet, pink.

Cotton bedding washing six steps
1, the new bedding first wash after use can make the fabric above the floating color and will be the presence of chemical substances to remove, safe and healthy.
2, neutral detergent detergent containing alkali is relatively high, strong detergency; And dyes are not alkali resistant, not special attention is easy to decolorize.
3, dark and light color cotton washing separately has good water absorption, easy to dye, but also easy to fade, so dark and light color washing separately to prevent string color.
4. Frequent washing can prevent stubborn stains from being absorbed by pure cotton. Do not wash for a long time, will make dirty penetration fiber, it is difficult to wash clean.
5. After washing, air cotton is easy to wrinkle. After washing, it is a handful of pickled cabbage. Because this needs to arrange first again air basks in, prevent wrinkle. Eight or nine out of ten dry, fold off, press flat, and then dry.
6. Pure cotton should be aired on the opposite side. Cotton dyes are particularly sensitive to sunlight and easy to decolorize, especially blue, purple, pink and so on.

Post time: Oct-13-2021