Do you know why more and more people are buying Tencel bed products?

Spring and summer arrived, many customer friends to the store to buy bedding, like to ask materials, summer the coolest materials have those? The assistant will say it’s tencel cotton!
This kind of introduction is often encountered in the sales guide of our offline stores. Some merchants also mark 100% of Tencel on the ingredient trademark of the product, which is actually wrong. The trademark registered by Austria Lanjing company in China is tencel trademark.
The original name “tencel” should be “Lessel fiber”. The fiber is colloquially said to be a wood pulp fiber, which was first developed and produced by Lanjing Company. At present, many domestic enterprises have begun to develop and produce, but in general, Lanjing Company’s Lessel fiber performance is the most stable.


Tencel air permeability is good, more comfortable. Tencel is 10 percent more porous than cotton
The temperature is high in summer, and the human body keeps the skin surface temperature unchanged through metabolism. At this time, the skin surface continuously emits heat and moisture, and the permeability of the fabric will affect the comfort level. According to the test results of laboratory samples, the air permeability of natural silk fabric is 494L/M2S, while that of pure cotton fabric is only 450L/M2S(plain weave), indicating that natural silk fabric is more suitable for use in spring and summer.
Heavenly silk drape is good, more skin-friendly. Tencel drape coefficient is 39% higher than cotton soft fabric drape performance is good, wear in the body is more comfortable, natural fabric in silk fabric drape performance is the best, but the tests found that draping properties of tencel actually is very good also, tencel drape coefficient was 33.5%, 46.5% cotton drape coefficient (plain), and the higher the content of tencel, drape coefficient, the better.

Tencel wear resistant, more durable. Tencel is 50% higher than wear resistant cotton
Spring, summer, autumn and winter bedding are cleaned more often, so we need a more wearable fabric. After testing, it was found that the wear resistance of tiansilks reached 400~500 times (plain grain), pilling level of 4~5, and cotton is slightly lower. Because tencel has the characteristics of high strength of synthetic fiber, it has good physical and mechanical properties.

Tencel contact cold feeling strong, cooler. Tencel is 59% colder than cotton
What we need for spring and summer is a cooler fabric that helps us regulate some of the heat. According to the test sample, the contact cold and warm sensitivity of cotton fabric is 0.218/W·cm-2, which is high and suitable for summer use. The contact cold and warm feeling of pure cotton fabric is 0.137/W·cm-2, which is suitable for use in autumn and winter.

Post time: Dec-08-2021