About cotton

Many friends only know that cotton bed is a good bed, is relatively close to the shop to buy the shop guide will introduce cotton products, today natural wind home textile and everyone to chat, cotton bed products in the end what are the advantages.

Cotton fiber is a kind of seed fiber formed by elongation and thickening of epidermal cells of fertilized ovule, which is different from ordinary bast fiber. Its main component is cellulose, because cotton fiber has many excellent economic properties, so it has become the main raw material in the textile industry.

The advantages of cotton bed products

1. Hygroscopic: its moisture content is between 8-10%, so it is in contact with human skin, making people feel soft and comfortable, but not stiff.

2. Thermal insulation: cotton fiber itself has the advantages of porous, high elasticity, fiber can store a lot of air, good moisture performance.
3. Heat resistance: cotton fabric heat resistance is good, the temperature below 110℃, will only make the moisture evaporation on the fabric, will not damage the fiber, so cotton fabric at room temperature, washing, printing and dyeing on the fabric without any impact, cotton fabric washing and durable.

4. Alkali resistance: cotton fiber has strong resistance to alkali. In alkali solution, cotton fiber will not be damaged.

5. Hygiene: Cotton fiber is a natural fiber, its main composition is cellulose, with a small amount of waxes and pectin. Pure cotton cloth contact with skin, no stimulation, no side effects, harmless to human body.

6. Cotton fabric is easy to lose floating color (floating color does not affect the color of the fabric itself), dark products should be washed separately from light products, to prevent the fabric dyeing affect the appearance of the fabric.

7. Do not soak in the washing solution for too long, preferably not more than 30 minutes, so as not to fade, do not use bleach.

8. It is recommended to use gentle machine washing for cotton products. For jacquard fabrics, do not use a hard brush to wash vigorously, so as not to break the yarn and fuzz. Air drying time is not too long, not insolation, so as not to damage the color.

Post time: Sep-08-2021